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Hotels where every day it is Christmas

The word Christmas immediately brings to mind mixed emotions. For its defenders, it symbolizes joy, illusion, the smell of cooking with soul, the brightness of lights, the feeling of home and a music that mixes bells and saxophone and goes beyond the walls of the house. For its detractors, however, it is synonymous of nostalgia, and a struggle to reject a magic that, for multiple reasons, they do not want to remember. Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden began its legendary one Christmas in 2018 and, for this reason, it has a real fondness for these holidays, in which its concept of home is maximized, making the visitor feel cozy and at home. Something transcendental when one spends Christmas away from home.

Organizing Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in a hotel requires a great deal of tact and empathy, since you never know why the person is visiting you instead of sharing the holidays with their loved ones.

It may be that they have chosen you as a meeting point for the members of a group, with no need for more love than what each of them brings. But there are also cases in which loneliness, or the desire to escape from places that remind you of those who are not there, find in a hotel the warmth that relieves that emptiness.


And that is where the magic of hospitality takes the lead, which has a lot to do with what some call the spirit of Christmas. It is all about empathizing and listening to your intuition and sixth sense, which tell you when the guest celebrating Christmas in your home needs to share, or needs some distance. And all this with a smile on your face, even though you yourself are far away from your loved ones because you have to work.

A vocation of service that, in hotel like Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, is authentic and can be perceived every day of the year, not only at Christmas. Because for us, that is the real luxury: to make our guests feel at home, and to make them feel that we care about their emotional state.

If for any reason you are planning to celebrate the upcoming holidays away from home, in Mallorca, at Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden you will find the warmth of home and the closeness you need during those days.


A Christmas spirit that will avoid nostalgia with large doses of joy and closeness, and with an exceptional setting full of velvets; with captivating blues and jazz music; with spaces filled with the light that enters through the large windows; with the romantic song of the birds saying good morning; and with the stoves ready to cook one more chapter in your life, and in ours.

Merry Christmas! We are waiting for you.


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