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Find out why many love movies are shot in luxury hotels

Find out why many love movies are shot in luxury hotels

Although it is not February, the month of love, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden is always surrounded by an air of romance, and hearts often decorate our suites to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthdays and very personal dates.

This has made us think about whether or not it is a coincidence that some of the best romantic movies in the history of cinema have been shot in luxury hotels like ours.

When analyzing some of these films such as “Pretty Woman”, “Mamma Mia” or the most recent “Journey to Paradise”, we see that they all agree on one aspect: the love story they tell takes place in a luxury hotel.

Seeing the cinematographic suites of Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, its evocative rooftop with views of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, its cozy Spa Suite ideal to enjoy as a couple, or its exotic Botànic restaurant, it is easy to imagine why.

No other setting, full of elegant velvets, precious circular bathtubs and seductive soft lights, is more apt to host a passionate scene between two lovers.

Thus, design is key in the choice of hotels by filmmakers, but so is the collective imagination, which makes each and every one of us relate, albeit unconsciously, the figure of a hotel establishment with that specific place, which has nothing to do with the film in question, where we ourselves have lived an unforgettable story.

Thus, when we see a specific scene, our mind heads to the past, distilling moments similar to those shown in the film, but starring ourselves, making us all internalize the sequence as if it were ours.

And we are not referring only to episodes of romantic love, worth the redundancy, but to any type of love. The paternal, filial and fraternal, lived during a magical family vacation; the love shared with friends of the soul in luxury hotels that leave their mark; or the endearing love that makes us feel that, for a few days, we are the center of attention of a large family that barely knows us, but when we leave the hotel they remain forever in our hearts.

This magic, which is common in large luxury hotels such as Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, is the secret elixir that can help every filmmaker make their film a success.

If in doubt, ask yourself a simple question. What would have happened to “Pretty Woman” if it hadn’t been shot in a luxury hotel like the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel? There we leave it. And we are waiting for you at Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden to star in your own love story in a 5-star Grand Luxury hotel.




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