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Can Bordoy Signature Massage


Vegan relaxing massage

"Be Serene"

Relaxing body massage using Baobab, Lavandin and Bergamot oils. Specifically suited to those people who want to disconnect from their daily routine and eliminate physical and mental tension in a relaxed and peaceful setting.
30 min / 75 €
50 min / 125 €
80 min / 155 €

Bio detox massage

"Be Reinforced”

Classic draining body massage treatment with pumping maneuvers, focused on draining the area of the legs, abdomen and arms, facilitating the elimination of liquids and toxins, producing immediate results by stimulating the metabolism and thus improving the contour of the body and reinforcing the immune system. This technique is performed with special geranium, baobab and chia oils to further enhance its draining effects.
30 min / 75 €
50 min / 125 €
80 min / 155 €

Organic decontracting massage

"Be Restored"

Decontracting body massage with firm pressure for effective results. Thanks to the Cannabis and Arnica oils, this massage helps relieve mental and physical stress, relaxes, and oxygenates the muscles allowing the release of the accumulated tension.
30 min / 85 €
60 min / 145 €

360° Experience massage

Decontracting maxilofacial & body massage

Decontracting facial & body massage with Cannabis, Arnica, Patchouli and Clove oils, allowing to perform a 360° massage that includes the skull, face, neck, and full body. Ideal to relieve facial, head, neck, jaws, and body pain as well as bruxism and tensions produced as a result from the frequent use of digital devices.
75 min / 175 €


Better circulation, more flexibility, and general well-being

This ancient massage method, practiced for more than 2,500 years, is practiced on a special large tatami, placed on the floor and uses a combination of precise stretching techniques depending on the client's flexibility, and using breathing and pressure methods with thumbs, palms, elbows, arms and feet) to lengthen the body and relieve stiffness with continuous movement. Some benefits include better circulation, more flexibility, and general well-being. This massage can be performed with or without oils.
90 min / 195 €
*Book only under the availability of our Thai massage specialists.

Organic body scrub

Exfoliation; for all skin types

Exquisite body exfoliation performed with a selection of 3 exclusive salts (Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, French Sea Salt) and essential oils (Lavender, Cypress, Geranium) that help remove, dead skin cells, regenerate and beautify the skin, and regain elasticity and hydration in the full body.
30 min / 85 €

Organic body scrub massage

Body exfoliation & massage; all skin types

Intense Organic & Vegan Body exfoliation using ultra hydrating body scrub, made of three salts (Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, French Sea Salt) and six essential oils (Lavender, Cypress, Geranium, Rosemary, Chamomile, Bitter Orange) that helps remove dead skin cells, embellish the skin and restore the elasticity and hydration needed to obtain an immense feeling of comfort.
75 min / 175 €
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