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“Renata França Method”
Miracle Face
With an immediate lifting effect, the MIRACLE FACE massage reduces swelling, accentuates face shapes and promotes natural skin revitalization. Ideal for brides, postoperative recovery, etc., MIRACLE FACE drains swelling and promotes new contour to the face. With lymphatic drainage and modeling massage techniques, MIRACLE FACE promises results as special as its body version.

30 min / 95 €
*Book only under the availability of our Renata França Method specialists.
For all skin types
L'Hygiène Parfaite
Deep painless hygienic facial treatment with Organic & Vegan cosmetics that help remove the impurities of the face and neck, fade away damages caused by pollution and regain a radiant, luminous, fresh, smooth and hydrated complexion. First indispensable step to clean up the skin and prepare it for future treatments.
BOOK - 75 min / 145 €
For dull skin
Detox Skin Treatment
Ultra Detox facial treatment that helps dull skins, and skins damaged by pollution, regain a healthylooking, fresh and luminous aspect thanks to the use of several masks holding high concentration of purifying, pore decongesting and detoxifying active ingredients (charcoal). This treatment helps clear the skin and get back a radiant, glowing and healthy look.
BOOK - 75 min / 145 €
For oily skin
Herbal Pure Treatment
Deep purifying facial treatment specifically suited to oily skins. Thanks to the application of astringent ingredients such as the salts from the Dead Sea, and several masks with purifying, detoxifying and rebalancing active ingredients such as Tea Tree and Charcoal, this treatment closes pores, helps reduce oil production and regain a healthylooking skin without shininess.
BOOK - 75 min / 145 €
For dehydrated skin
Hydra Green Treatment
Ultra hydrating & nourishing Organic & Vegan facial treatment that provides immediate deep hydration, comfort, and a feeling of wellness. Thanks to the use of cosmetics and masks with extreme hydrating and nourishing active ingredients such as Avocado oil and Argan oil, the skin regains an immediate hydrated, healthylooking, and luminous appearance. This treatment is ideal for those skins with high needs of hydration, that are devitalized and undernourished as well as for mature skin.
BOOK - 75 min / 145 €
Anti-aging regenerator
Elixir Repair
This regenerating treatment is indicated for the most damaged and malnourished skin. During this treatment, LE MASQUE ULTRA RICHE fuses with L'ELIXIR creating an even richer texture. With this cocktail of vitamins, extracts, oils and waxes we perform a 30-minute facial massage in which we activate the skin and generate cellular oxygenation. A delight that generates a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. In total, the client lives a sensory and nutritious experience of 75 minutes, where the body and face are worked on, paying special attention to the neck and décolleté.
BOOK - 75 min / 175 €
Organic anti-aging lifting
Eternal Lifting Experience
Iconic firming facial treatment exclusively using cosmetics and masks with very high concentration of regenerating and anti-aging active ingredients that give the skin all the antioxidants and nutrients necessary to firm the skin and improve its elasticity. In combination with SCENS FACELIFT MASSAGE the muscles of the face become more relaxed, the skin recovers radiance, and the shape of the face regains definition and firmness.
BOOK - 75 min / 175 €

Swiss Perfection

Swiss Perfection exclusive anti-aging lifting
Cellular Perfect Lifting
Inspired by advanced medical anti-aging techniques, this intensive and exclusive facial treatment offers spectacular and immediate effects. Acting as a natural lifting, it visibly improves the skin firmness while promoting cellular renewal. It combines the most innovative rejuvenating solutions and specific manual techniques. The face contour is remodeled; wrinkles are smoothed away.
BOOK - 75 min / 390 €
For dehydrated skin
Cellular Perfect Hydration
This innovating treatment protects the skin’s cells in the deepest layers from premature aging, dehydration, and irregular skin texture. The skin is replumped, smoothed and perfectly moisturized.
BOOK - 75 min / 350 €
For oily skin
Cellular Perfect Purifying Protection
This essential highly active antioxidant facial deeply purifies the pores while accelerating the tissue oxygenation. This treatment is the perfect cure for free radicals exposed skins and is the best ally for skin aging prevention.
BOOK - 75 min / 350 €
For sensitive and reactive skin
Cellular Perfect Recovery
Through the combination of highly calming and soothing ingredients with specific techniques, this targeted treatment will support the natural healing process of the skin. It immediately calms the irritation and inflammation sensation while deeply repairing the damages induced by internal imbalances and external aggression.
BOOK - 60 min / 290 €
Rejuvenation for men´s skin
Cellular Men Perfect Repair
A targeted facial treatment designed for specific men’s skins. It erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthy appearance. This treatment is tailored to ensure optimum skin rejuvenation for men of any age.
BOOK - 60 min / 290 €
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