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A timeless luxury hotel in Palma

Welcome to Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, the sanctuary of decadent romanticism, and the setting of one of the best refined luxury hotels in Spain.

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When guests first arrive they will come across a leafy and tranquil patio. The buzz of the city melts into the distance, replaced by an atmosphere of elegant silence, velvet and unsurpassable hospitality, and where the garden's vegetation invades the building's interior, climbing across the walls and roofs. This warm welcome is the prelude for a perfect stay.


The past meets the present in our Grand House with a solemn respect for the traditions and good manners of yesteryear. Architecture and avant-garde design coexist with exquisite pieces obtained from antique shops and dealers from across the world, creating a unique concept that has been recognised in the world's most prestigious media outlets.

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Our garden inspires the name of our restaurant and our gastronomic concept, creating an exquisite and honest culinary proposal that respects organic and natural products, and which has a deep respect for local gastronomy.

The beauty of luxury

Surrounded by original natural stone walls from the XII century, and dimly illuminated by dozens of candles, you will be submerged into a world of beauty and wellness, hand in hand with the most prestigious cosmetics line in the world, Swiss Perfection.



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