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Pop Up “Meditation in Touch & Tulayoga”

Even though it was created 25 years ago, “Meditation In Touch & Tulayoga” is still not well known in Spain. Louka Leppard (London, 1971) founded this discipline in the British capital, and today it has become one of the favourite wellness activities of clients such as Sienna Miller and Helena Bonham Carter, among many others, in order to relax and achieve harmony between mind, body and soul.

Firstly a massage is given on a futon, where the harmonious sway of experienced hands eliminate the body’s physical and emotional barriers, leaving it completely receptive to the magical experience of Tulayoga, a concept that in Sanskrit means “balanced yoga”. Secondly, the client literally places themselves on top of Louka Leppard’s outstretched arms and legs, until the body forms an arch, favouring the stretching of the spine, the repositioning of the pelvis, and the release of the tension that may be present in the abdomen, chest, neck, shoulders and face. This then allows for the body to regain its space, as well as greater fluidity in movement and a huge sense of freedom. The feeling of floating in the air for 30 minutes, eyes closed, allows the client to reunite with themselves while connecting deeply with their sensations and emotions, and letting them feel as if they were the true centre of the universe. It has become a unique and unforgettable experience for many of Louka’s clients.



Louka Leppard will give his “Meditation In Touch & Tulayoga” classes at Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden on the following dates:

13 th and 18 th September
2 nd , 4 th and 27 th October
3 rd , 19 th 28 th November
19 th and 23 rd December.

His classes, which will take place under a massage pergola in the garden or in the spa, are available for both hotel clients (in this case the classes can take place in their suite)
and for visitors. The price is 360 euros for a 120 minute class (90 minutes: Meditation In Touch and 30 minutes: Tulayoga). For more information, visit the website.


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