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Exclusive Natural Therapies

healing with amazinGRACE®

Through a ground-breaking energy healing technique called amazinGRACE® you will experience deep relaxation as well as a restructuring of your body’s alignment and revitalizing your body’s functions. This is highly recommended for all kinds of chronic and recent pains, resulting for example from accidents, operations and emotional impacts. 
amazinGRACE® uses the universal energy and intelligence that surrounds us to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column.
90 min / 159 EUR

KAR® Karmic Atlas & amazinGRACE® Experience

Three nights at Can Bordoy plus six sessions with our amazinGRACE® practitioner. This package offers an intensive shift in well-being and life-force. The highlight of this life-changing package is the perfect realignment of the Atlas vertebra. KAR® is a method of readjusting the Atlas vertebra (C1) using the body’s own healing impulse instead of external manual manipulation. The Atlas is the first vertebra and the apex of the nervous system. Perfect alignment of the Atlas can remove the causes of back pain, scoliosis, headaches...
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*Individual sessions

Calm your mind with Meditation In Touch & Tulayoga

A unique wellness experience on the island which you can only exclusively enjoy at Can Bordoy.  The treatment begins with a rhythmic, deep and flowing massage on the ground for 90 minutes, that gives you time to relax and get ready: Unware of the effects of gravity, with your eyes closed and suspended in the air for half an hour, you begin to float, free from your normal and external reference points, you forget your sense of orientation in space and your physical limits . Establish a deeper connection to the sensations and feelings at their core and awaken your awareness.
120 min / 360 EUR
Activities available by appointment only
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