Giovanni’s team talks about his success

In just 4 months, he has managed to place his latest hotel project in among the best in the world

Having been open for just four months, Can Bordoy is already in the Conde Nast Traveller’s prestigious list of the 50 Best New Hotels in the World. An achievement that undoubtedly makes the whole family of this Grand House very proud. Today they want to pay tribute to their director in a very special interview in which they themselves answer the questions asked of Giovanni Merello, First Host of Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden.

1 – Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden has, in record time, been selected as one of the 50 Best New Hotels in the World by the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller magazine. How is this success achieved from the hotel management’s point of view?

“The project was created as a new concept from the very beginning. Its architecture and design was carried out by the OHLAB architectural firm, and they were able to capture the vision of its owner, Don Mikael Hall. He saw the building’s essence, and wanted to capture the light that seeped through its cracks to reflect, through Jaime Oliver and Paloma Hernaiz at OHLAB, an interior design style that has set a precedent. The Can Bordoy building represents in itself a beautiful metaphor that makes a mark on everyone who visits it: that we must be prepared for life’s endless flow of transformations, and that the greatest beauty is born of wounds, cracks and difficult moments.

This resilience and ability to persevere is something that defines our director very well. He is someone who, like Can Bordoy, is not what we are used to seeing in the hotel sector. He is definitely one of the factors that have influenced the success of the project. Giovanni Merello possesses a potent combination of extensive experience in the luxury hospitality sector, an area which can sometimes come across as being cold, but which he fills with warmth thanks to the quality that best defines him: the constant search for the hidden harmony and beauty in things. And as Giovanni knows, there is no greater luxury than feeling special.” (Mónica Campins, House Manager of Can Bordoy)

2 – How do you run a hotel that defines the look of luxury accommodation?

“As we say, there is no greater luxury than making the guest feel at home, something that our First Host knows how to do very well. He was very clear about this from the beginning, and adapted the concept to this end. Giovanni incorporated details such as removing the traditional reception area, the possibility of eating our healthy All-Day at any time of the day, being able to relax in any part of the hotel, the substitution of a buffet breakfast with an innovative service that allows you to enjoy the first meal of the day whenever you choose, and the possibility of interacting with our household pet: an Afghan Hound called Mr. B, who watches over our house and gives us that feeling of home as only dogs can do. Mr.B represents the values that define us: honesty, loyalty and protection.” (Klementyna Scieszka, Lady of the House de Can Bordoy)

3 – What is Giovanni’s driving force?

Passion, without a doubt. Passion is what moves Gio. He imbued himself with the laudable vision of our founder, Don Mikael Hall, and his mission to give back to society a part of his cultural heritage. We would say that we are a team of visionaries. From the property and the architects to our director and the staff members. It is a place to dream, and dream big. Everybody has wonderful ideas, and we are lucky to be heard and supported. If we ask a Giovanni a question his usual reply is: “go ahead, do it”. Is there anything that guarantees success more than that?. (Javier Ramón Pallin, Revenue & Backoffice Manager)

4 – What does this success mean for Can Bordoy and for Giovanni?

It is the reward for four months of intense work and sacrifice on the part of each and every one of us, and the beginning of something genuinely great. Although this is, undoubtedly, a well-deserved recognition, Giovanni always reminds us to keep our feet on the ground. This is just the cornerstone of our project, the beginning of an exciting journey that is opening before us and which, as our First Host reminds us, will be full of ups and downs. We believe that buildings are built from the ground up, with a cool head, calmly, courageously and with time. Just as Can Bordoy was built, under its legendary motto: good things always come to those who wait. (Larissa Schorn, Guest Experience Manager)

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