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Body Treatments

By Swiss Perfection

Cellular body exfoliation

Regenerating, nourishing, for all skin types

This highly rejuvenating experience has been designed to relax and promote cellular renewal, preparing the skin for optimum body treatment results. It stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and impurities, while regenerating the skin to feel soft and smooth.
40 min / 180 €

Cellular regenerating body massage

Swiss Perfection Signature Massage

Swiss Perfection tailored Body Massage offers a total well-being experience to improve the entire body system. The treatment eliminates tensions and loosens the muscles. It also improves blood and lymph circulation. The skin gets smoothed, properly firmed, and very well moisturized.
60 min / 220 €

Cellular anti-cellulite body treatment

Firming, sculpting, silhouette enhancing

Designed to reshape the body contours, this intensive Cellular Anti-Cellulite treatment targets cellulite, orange peel and loss of tone, leaving a profound sensation of lightness and well-being. The body is perfectly defined, firmed and toned.
75 min / 275 €

Cellular detoxifying body treatment

Detox, draining, smoothing

This metabolism stimulating and draining treatment increases vitality. The unique blend of active ingredients removes impurities, encouraging circulation and boosting the elimination of toxins as well as gently exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and healthy. Ideal choice to complement a weight loss or anti-cellulite program.
75 min / 275 €

Cellular firming body treatment

Anti-aging, firming, deeply hydrating

The intensive Cellular Firming Body experience targets loss of firmness and elasticity offering an instant lift effect with visible and immediate results. By boosting the collagen production, the structure of the skin is renewed, smoothed, lifted and revitalized resulting in an immediate toned silhouette.
75 min / 275 €
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